TELESTE Data Access Hub, DAH100


Teleste’s DAH is located closer to end users than traditional CMTS. In terms of capacity it is a step towards full FTTH networks and higher guaranteed bandwidth. It helps operators to segment their networks so that all investments are supporting FTTH network structure when it becomes topical. The MoCA® based indoor solution converts existing indoor coaxial cable networks to Ethernet based IP networks. While most of the home devices have an IP interface instead of traditional RF interface these two technologies can co-exist seamlessly. The solution is using out of band frequencies above UHF frequencies and existing RF services are left untouched. One of the main applications for the solution is an extension of existing indoor WiFi coverage so that every corner in an apartment is a possible door to internet.

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Downstream signal path (RF into RF out)
Frequency range 54 / 85…1006 MHz
Return loss 18 dB
Gain 42 dB
Input attenuator control range 0…25 dB
Input slope control range 0…20 dB
Mid stage slope 0…15 dB
Gain selection 42 / 34 dB
RF modem downstream
Number of channels 16
Output frequency 112…1002 MHz
Output level 95…113 dBµV per channel
Modulation QAM64, QAM256, QAM1024
Channel width 6 MHz / 8 MHz
Flatness ±1.5 dB
Equalized MER 43 dB
Standard Compatible with
DOCSIS and euroDOCSIS 2.0 / 3.0
Cable Modems

Flatness ± 0.75 dB
Test point -20 dB
Noise figure 7 dB
CTB 42 channels 117.0 dBμV
CSO 42 channels 117.0 dBμV
XMOD 42 channels 114.5 dBμV
Umax (112 QAM channels) 113.0 dBμV
RF modem upstream
Number of channels 4
Input frequrency 5…42 / 65 MHz
Nominal input level 57…87 dBµV @ 5.12 Mbaud
Modulation QPSK, QAM16, QAM64, QAM256
Symbol rate 1.28, 2.56, 5.12 Mbaud / Channel
Channel width 1.6, 3.2, 6.4 MHz
Standard Compatible with
DOCSIS and euroDOCSIS 2.0 / 3.0
Cable Modems

Power consumption 60 W
Supply voltage 110…240 VAC

Dimensions (h x w x d) 360 mm x 350 mm x 150 mm

Weight 10 kg
Class of enclosure IP54
RF connection
Connector, RF in PG11
Connector, RF out PG11
Gigabit ethernet interfaces
Number of ports 3
Connectors 2 x RJ-45 socket, 1 x SFP module slot
Standard 1000BASE-T, 1000BASE-X

Operating temperature -10…+55 ºC
EMC compatibility EN50083-2, EN61000-6-1,


ESD 4 kV
Surge 6 kV (EN 60728-3)
Local management interface (USB port)
Connector USB 2.0

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Βάρος 10 kg